CampingMap.gr was created by a group of people with years of experience in the Internet field and with the love for camping in common.


Having spent since we were children all our summer holidays doing camping, we wanted to combine these above-mentioned interests by creating a website for camping in Greece, as we, as internet users,  would like it to be: fresh, easy to use and, above all, well-informed.








In CampingMap.gr, the user can find all the organized campsites in Greece, with photos and useful information about each campsite, as well as evaluate them and see the ratings of other users.


Using our specially designed dynamic map along with the search filters, the CampingMap.gr users can easily identify the campsites that interest them according to their preferences and add them to the Favorites List, in order to have them gathered in one place and easily check them out them whenever they wish.


At the same time, through the separate full presentation pages, each campsite has the possibility to be presented in detail, with lots of photos, highlighting its special features and displaying all its benefits, as well as giving our users the opportunity to book a place for their holidays through the communication form.








Our vision is that CampingMap.gr becomes the ultimate camping guide, offering its users all the information they need before and during their holidays! To be the place where they will come back all year round to share and recollect their experiences, make new friends and get back together with the old ones ...

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